Spring 2017

I extend greetings to all on behalf of our Board of Directors. We thank you for the support you have given in the past. This past year has been an anxious yet exciting one. There have been much effort and assistance to improve the prognosis of sickle cell disease and our hope for the future.

SCANCA, INC. needs your support to fulfill its goals. With that support, our services will be able to continue and hopefully expand. Follow us on the website (www.scancainc.org) Participate in activities, read our newsletter and send us written items about your personal relationship with SCANCA, INC. and sickle cell disease. Help us to enlighten and educate others. Remember, knowledge is power!! We are here to serve YOU.

God bless you and we wish you a HAPPY 2017.

Iola Y. Williams, RN
Executive Director