Fall 2016

Dear friends: Scientific studies on Sickle Cell Disease have resulted in significant progress over the years. Yet, fear, despair, misdiagnosis, and mistreatment continue. We must encourage our young people to consider a medical career in hematology with focus on Sickle Cell Disease in order to assist the medical professional in caring for the affected. Attending conferences, workshops, symposiums and ALL educational Iola Y. Williams events will improve your knowledge and enable you to better understand what is best for you and other Sickle Cell individuals. Prolong stagnation can be turned around with an increased participation by affected families and their communities. What have you been doing?? We all will benefit from more wide-spread communication to better understand those affected. We are grateful for your support. FOR SOME: DROP THE FEAR AND MISEDUCATION – GET BUSY LEARNING AND SPREADING THAT WORD. SCANCA, INC. NEEDS EACH OF US. WE NEED SCANCA, INC. PLEASE GET ON BOARD!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

Iola Y. Williams, RN., Executive Director