SCANCA, INC. organizes and presents workshops on various topics of sickle cell disease. Our goal is to improve the sickle cell literacy of the community by increasing its awareness and understanding about the disease. Health care professionals from the Washington, DC metropolitan area and elsewhere attend our workshops and health fairs to discuss pertinent issues relating to legislation, research, education, health care, support services and advocacy.

Health Fairs

SCANCA, INC. participates in a number of local health and charity fairs upon receipt of invitation. The purpose of our participation is to increase public and professional awareness and knowledge of how sickle cell disease affects health in order to create a more positive response from the community

Summer Camp

The Sickle Cell Association of the National Area, Inc. (SCANCA, INC.) would like to financially assist families who have children with sickle cell disease attend summer camp.  Documentation must contain a request of assistance from parent or primary caretaker, confirmation of diagnosis from medical caretaker, and information about camp for disbursement of finances to camp.   If parents obtain all written information and acceptance from a camp, please contact us as soon as is possible

Support Groups

SCANCA, INC. also provides support-group informational sessions for individuals with sickle cell disease, their families and friends on a requested basis. These support group sessions educate individuals about the management of sickle cell disease and foster a sense of kinship among the participants. A medical professional as well as a person with sickle cell disease or a caregiver of a person with sickle disease usually participate in the support group sessions to discuss issues of concern.

Professional Development

SCANCA, INC. seeks to provide leadership in the education about sickle cell disease. Our staff and volunteers are kept abreast of the latest developments in healthcare, social services and research through the medical community and governmental agencies. SCANCA, INC. also relies on its partnerships with other organizations to enhance the professional development of our staff and volunteers, and to collaborate on mutual concerns.


Although SCANCA, INC. is not a social service agency, we do provide educational counseling to our clients. Our clients are individuals with sickle cell disease, their families, and the community. SCANCA, INC. attempts to give particular support to the “at-risk” population. An individual with sickle cell disease is considered to be “at-risk” if the individual exist in a non-supportive environment that places him or her at risk for developing severe symptoms of sickle cell disease, and inhibiting the individual from obtaining the knowledge or developing the skill and abilities necessary to make appropriate transitions.