Spring 2016

Dear friends: ‘We have come this far by faith!’ Often I wonder if we can make it. Somehow things seem to work out. Yes, there are many hills and mountains to climb. I must say, a few dedicated people often achieve insurmountable feats; when a mass group will often cause confusion. SCANCA, INC. is struggling but will continue to serve the Sickle Cell community. I salute our dedicated Board of Iola Y. Williams Directors and those in the Sickle Cell community who just keep plugging along. There is a greater power which we have turned to.

We ask that you will pray for us and continue to support our workshops and activities because “Everybody needs Somebody, Sometime.” You might be the next to need assistance. Please write or call us with your ideas and suggestions. Remember, as we do, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

God Bless, Iola Y Williams, RN