SCANCA, INC Spring 2016 Workshop

On April 30, 2016, SCANCA, INC. held its annual spring workshop luncheon in Landover, Maryland. The subject highlighted was: “How to Live Healthy with Sickle Cell Disease.” There was a panel comprised of one elementary youth, London Nickols; one senior adult, Madline Morsha-Taylor; and two young adults, Tiffany McCoy and Dietrich Ames. Each of them gave a talk about their life experiences with sickle cell disease and advised the group on how they had stayed healthy and maintained an enjoyable, fulfilling, profitable and prosperous life. There was stimulating interchangeable conversation. Also in attendance was an individual who had a bone marrow transplant in 1991. He looked and seemed to be doing very well. Just his presence and testimony gave us hope. SCANCA, INC. is thankful to the attendees and board members: Barbara Harrison and Cathy McCoy (facilitator) for making this a informational and wonderful workshop.

Beverly Ames, Reporter