Spring 2019

Hello Friends:

The Board of Directors of the Sickle Cell Association of the National Capital Area, Inc. (SCANCA, INC.) THANKS YOU for your generous support over the years. We hope that our programs and services have inspired you and that we can continue. In all issues of our newsletter we try to show how your support serves the community at large as well as the Sickle Cell Community.

You have touched many lives with your assistance in furthering education about this often devastating genetic disorder as well as participation in research, preventive health maintenance, early detection and treatment of complications. Many families are supported and helped through our patient/family services and programs funded through your giving.

Again, we thank you! We need you! Together we can continue to educate as we support, prolong, and save lives. Please see our web site: www.scancainc.org.

God bless each of you!
Iola Y. Williams