Spring 2020


Welcome year 2020! It is hard to believe that SCANCA, INC. was established twentysix(26) years ago. Much has been accomplished, but there is so much more needed. I am always concerned about the lack of knowledge of families and those affected with sickle cell diseases. Remember, there is very limited education about sickle cell disease given in the medical education community. Without the increased education of those affected, little will improve. It is you who must help to educate the doctors, nurses, researchers, and other medical and social caretakers. Please, check SCANCA, INC. website and any other educational materials to assist you in understanding sickle cell disease and how to best care for your body. Ask questions! Don’t just sit on the sidelines. Please GET INVOLVED.

Thanks to all who have supported SCANCA, INC. for the past twenty-six years. Continue what you do best: support SCANCA, INC. and the sickle cell community. It can not be done without you and your participation. We love and need you!!

God Bless,
Iola Y. Williams, RN
Executive Director