Fall 2021


The past year has been an eye opener for SCANCA, INC. and the Sickle Cell Community. We have always believed that we could not survive without many of the things that until recently been out of reach. The past year has proven that we are resilient and survivors. We are all stronger than we imagined. Though there have been struggles, we have found ways to overcome them. We thank God for watching over us, protecting us and giving us the strength to withstand it all.

The sickle cell community has truly been blessed. The ZOOM era has provided us the ability to participate in educational programs and a diverse amount of activities without leaving our homes. This is a first. Those who would not be able to attend such event, in the past, have been able to participate and enjoy many educational activities such as the SCANCA, INC.: holiday celebration, Adult and Tween Support Groups, Spring Workshop, and prayer meetings. These events have been exciting and have flourished with much anticipation. Whether you are a sickle cell individual, member of a sickle cell family or just the general public person who loves supporting others, we ask that you watch our website and commit to joining our events. Your support, ideas, concerns and love are appreciated by SCANCA, INC. and the Sickle Cell Community. We want you to know that we love you much!!

We give praises to our GOD for blessings to SCANCA, INC. and to you!!

Iola Y. Williams,
Executive Director