Fall 2020


Hello Friends:

On behalf of the Sickle Cell Association of the National Capital Area, Inc. (SCANCA, INC.) I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Read this issue thoroughly to learn important information about what you can do during this coronavirus pandemic. To my affected friends, please take care of yourself. Remember that you are an at-risk population. Yes, I am sure that you are tired of staying in; however the alternative can be devastating.

I thank all who have and continue to support the Sickle Cell Association of the National Capital Area, Inc. (SCANCA, INC.). There is always hope and we know that our God is watching over and protecting us. Let’s give thanks that we are as well as we are.

Please watch out for your neighbors and especially the senior citizens. There is nothing sadder than to be denied help when it is needed. There are many who can not get to the store for necessaries because of the great risk. Call, stop by or text them to give them and yourself that wonderful feeling that someone really cares.

Follow the instructions of the scientific and medical professionals. They know what they are talking about. We must stay together and support each other for we know this will pass and we want to be here when it does. Thanks to all who have supported SCANCA, INC. as we have supported the sickle cell community for the past twenty-six years. We love and need you!!

God Bless,

Iola Y. Williams, RN
Executive Director