Fall 2017

Hello Friends,

SCANCA, INC’s Board of Directors loves the work we have been able to do for the past 23 years. However, we are now struggling to continue due to a significant decrease in financial donations. We know that you care and we are grateful for your assistance. Please look into your hearts and consider the extent to which you can open more for the sickle cell community.

I remind you of our mission: to provide programs that educate the National Capital Area Community about Sickle Cell Disease, and to utilize effective resources that benefit the lives of individuals with Sickle Cell Disease, their families, and communities. These goals are done through our Counseling and Referrals, Advocacy, Research Support, Partnership, and Service. Service is one of our most significant missions. It includes assistance with medical bills, funerals/burials, scholarships, utilities, rent/mortgage, and others. Our community needs have been enormous, yet our financial support is shrinking. We need everyone, especially YOU! See page 7 for ways you can donate.

I pray that God continues to give us the faith and strength to continue.

God Bless,
Iola Y. Williams